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Global Wood Import BV has made the conscious decision of achieving balance in its operations between People, Planet and Profit. 

We focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation gains for people, society and the environment. Our company does its utmost to ensure the wood products they supply meet standards of lasting quality and legality in the selling and management of tropical timber.  

The European Union at the behest of the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) adopted the "Illegal Timber Law". As a direct consequence, starting 2 March 2013, it became mandatory that companies throughout the supply chain proved the sold timber and timber-derived products came from legally felled trees.

Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) is an initiative of the European Union created to combat illegal logging and trade in illegal timber.

FLEGT aims:

Sustainably produced timber (with the certificate SFM) is by definition harvested legally. Combating the trade in illegal timber makes an important contribution to the sustainable management of forests and biodiversity conservation. Nevertheless, the action plan makes no direct relationship between the FLEGT process and sustainable forest management. The current action plan does not dictate the manner in which wood is extracted. It only ensures it is done in perfect legality.

For the Netherlands, the link between legality and sustainability is always a point of great interest. If the legality standard of producer countries includes enforceable guidelines for the production, FLEGT can also be used as a tool to demonstrate sustainable forest management.