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Hardwood for garden wood and civil engineering

We import hardwood for use in the garden, civil engineering, general constructions and ground- and road engineering.

Garden Wood in all sizes

Hardhout voor toepassing als tuinhout

In our warehouse in Hengelo we hold in stock the most common hardwood types and sizes. Larger requests and more specific dimensions we produce in Africa or Brazil, naturally under the direct quality control and high level of service you expect from us.

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Hardwood in civil engineering and ground-/road engineering

Hardhout voor civiele techniek en GWW

Hardwood is an increasingly used material in civil engineering and ground road engineering. It is a durable, sustainable and natural material which fits well in natural environments. Hardwood has excellent applications in building dams, bridges, ramps, piers and jetties. Our top quality hardwood complies with all laws and regulations and is ideally suited for constructions in civil engineering. 

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Available hardwood species

We import hardwood from Africa and South-America. We are able to supply many different species of hardwood. That way, we always have a hardwood species that suits your project or specification.

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