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We promote sustainably produced hardwood

Duurzaam geproduceerd hardhout: FSC en FLEGT-EUTR

Global Wood Import BV has made the conscious decision to make sustainability one of the top priorities of its business. We stand not only for top quality in our products and high level of service for our customers, but also for the promotion of sustainable produced hardwood. That implies, among many aspects, that we set ourselves the goal to not sell wood originating from illegal logging. 

We regularly visit our producers and sawmills in Africa and Brazil to assure ourselves that they organize their production sustainably, legally and within all laws and regulations of their country. Moreover, we are in possession of an FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, which allows us to buy and sell FSC labeled hardwood.

We take all necessary measures to comply with the European legislation in the field of timber trade and import. The Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) initiated a process that creates regular monitoring for legal logging. Our producers are all in possession of a FLEGT certificate of sustainable forest management.

Finally, we regularly collaborate with the producer in the production and development of our products together towards improving the production process and the working conditions socially and sustainably.

More information?

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