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A team with a unique vision on hardwood

Global Wood Import BV combines its passion for hardwood with technological innovation, sustainability and a valuable product line.

Global Wood Import BV breathes progress, quality and innovation in its entire line of hardwood products. As both importers and developers of tropical hardwood, our business stands out for its high standard products and its unique quality of service. We fulfil such mission by aligning creative teamwork with our passion for sustainable progress. With only endurant wood under our development, we strive to become the key provider of outstanding quality tropical hardwood. 

Our business is marked by flexibility, open-mindedness and transparency of service, with unique focus on customer experience. We pride on our enhanced communication, the integrity of our staff and the orderly structure of our organization. We apply our expertise with a persistent passion for innovation, and a keen eye for best practices.

The result of our professionalism reflects in the originality, high value and presentation of our product line.