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Environment: The EUTR


Letter of Undertaking of Compliance with EUTR Requirements to our Suppliers 

Dear Supplier,


I am writing about our commitment to comply with the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation. As you know, the Timber Regulation (No. 995/2010) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 sets out the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market.


This regulation seeks to eliminate trade in illegal timber products through different measures: 

It prohibits the introduction on the European market of timber and derived timber products of illegal origin; 

It requires the registration of suppliers and customers; It requires economic operators, who place for the first time wood products on the market, to impose due diligence. 

Because of the wood purchases from your company, the regulations require us to: 

strengthen information on the description of timber and timber products, the country of origin or the region of harvest, species, quantities, information on the Supplier and the conformity of the purchase with national legislation; 

assess the risk of illegal timber in the supply chain against the above information; 

implement the corrective measures that are required. 


As such, we apply the Reasoned Diligence procedure to meet these obligations of the EUTR. 

Accordingly, we would like your support to provide us with the corresponding information for the purchases we make to your Company. This will help us secure information about your products. If you do not wish to disclose confidential information about your sources of supply, we have the option to ask an independent auditor to assess our supply for us and confirm the legality and availability of the information without revealing this confidential information. . 

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and are happy to answer your questions on this topic.


Best regards. 

Global Wood Import BV

the 07/11/2018